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Non-GMO Food Guide Available

No matter where you look, genetically modified foods are getting the thumbs down from around the world.  Many European countries have actually outlawed Monsanto’s products.  Finally, via Dr. Mercola, there is a food guide to how to avoid GMO foods. … Continue reading

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Why Do Doctors in Sweden Treat Depression with a Greek Vacation?

If you are like me, you are dreading the snow flying for one reason…the dark days that come along with winter! Since I was a small child, I can remember the absolute dread when all the leaves are off the … Continue reading

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What Salt is Good for You if Any?

Himalayan Salt…have you heard of it? In the discussion of “sea salt” with my trusted health guru Mario from Canada, he made me aware NOT ALL SALT IS CREATED EQUAL! I have used Sea Salt for decades, but I didn’t … Continue reading

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Dr. Mercola’s view on health

If you want to see a really good, unbiased view of vitamins and minerals from a doctor’s perspective, check out Dr. Mercola on the web. Today his newsletter talks about the risk of too much selenium in the diet, and … Continue reading

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