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Are You Pursuing the Wrong Career?

“HIDE NOT YOUR TALENTS. THEY FOR USE WERE MADE. WHAT’S A SUNDIAL IN THE SHADE?” –Benjamin Franklin In my many years of management, I saw all kinds of situations where I wanted to say to someone; have you considered “xxxx” … Continue reading

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Declare the Recession Over and Get Socially Network Connected

Greetings from sunny Lexington, KY. This is my first post and if you are here because you are a friend of mine, great! If you are not a friend, please leave me a message and let’s get introduced! If you … Continue reading

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Why Some Diets Don’t Work

If you have tried many, many diets, and nothing is working, perhaps you are not finding the right diet for your body type. in William Wolcott’s and Trish Fahet’s book “Metabolic Typing Diet” the fundamental of ‘one size fits all’ … Continue reading

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Is the Food You Eat Making You Sick: Celiac Disease

If you suffer, and suffer and suffer from unresolved issues such as gastrointestinal complaints, fatigue, headaches, joint pain, anemia, itchy skin conditions, thyroid and other autoimmune disorders – to name just a few, you might look into a condition where … Continue reading

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The Truth Will Set You Free: Diabetics Don’t Have To Continue Having Diabetes

Want to insure you never have diabetes? Want to lower your cholesterol? Want to insure you stave off heart disease and arteriosclerosis. Stop your consumption of food products containing corn syrup, white flour, starches, and high-glycemic index carbohydrates. Dr. Atkins … Continue reading

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“BREAKTHROUGH” by Suzanne Somers

The New York Times Best Seller “Breakthrough” by Suzanne Somers is full of some of the lastest findings in anti-aging and living well. If you don’t own this book in your library of health and wellness information, it is highly … Continue reading

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Where’s the BEEF?

Unless you’ve been hiding in a closet, you must be concerned about our current state of beef in the U.S. I am worried about the hormones, the antibiotics and all that stuff, so I’ve switched to certified organic beef whenever … Continue reading

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Antibiotics vs. Old Fashioned Remedies

Would we still be here, any of us, without antibiotics? As I write this, I’m suffering with a UTI (urinary tract infection) probably brought on by stress of filing taxes, dealing with unemployment and getting ready to return to the … Continue reading

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Indium…Rare, But Maybe a Silver Bullet to Good Health

Happy Father’s Day to all you guys out there with little ones…or perhaps big ones running around in your life! Parenting can be stressful. I hope today’s little blog about Indium gives you something to think about and research on … Continue reading

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Dr. Mercola’s view on health

If you want to see a really good, unbiased view of vitamins and minerals from a doctor’s perspective, check out Dr. Mercola on the web. Today his newsletter talks about the risk of too much selenium in the diet, and … Continue reading

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