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From Mouth to Belly

Scientists Discover Relationship Between Oral Bacteria and Obesity It seems there may be more reasons to visit your dentist than just your teeth. We have recently heard that bacteria in the mouth may contribute to heart disease, but researchers at … Continue reading

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Canadian Researchers Find Bioflavinoid Naringenin Corrects Metabolic Syndrome and More

I am predicting the sale of citrus fruit will be phenomenal after word of this study leaks out among all of us who battle the “bulge” on a daily basis. Perhaps this is another reason why there appears to be … Continue reading

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Everyone is Talking About Red Wine Benefits – Why?

I think you might have to be a hermit not to have heard that “RED WINE IS GOOD FOR YOU!” Well, I’m not exactly sure if this is being marketed by the wine industry, but my doctor says alcohol is … Continue reading

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What Salt is Good for You if Any?

Himalayan Salt…have you heard of it? In the discussion of “sea salt” with my trusted health guru Mario from Canada, he made me aware NOT ALL SALT IS CREATED EQUAL! I have used Sea Salt for decades, but I didn’t … Continue reading

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ACHES AND PAINS….listen to your body

Have you begun to get those achy legs, tight back, shoulders that feel they just need a little more “oil” to keep you from feeling like the Tin Man? This doesn’t come with age…it comes from deficiencies of life saving … Continue reading

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Is Fluoride or Chlorine a Problem FOR YOU?

Greetings to all from sunny Lexington, Kentucky! Our state this year is the most brilliant green I have seen in years. A combination of a very rainy spring, and a very hot summer. Yesterday’s research session proved to be exceptionally … Continue reading

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