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Non-GMO Food Guide Available

No matter where you look, genetically modified foods are getting the thumbs down from around the world.  Many European countries have actually outlawed Monsanto’s products.  Finally, via Dr. Mercola, there is a food guide to how to avoid GMO foods. … Continue reading

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Radiation from Fukishima Found in Tuna off California Coast

Ninja Xl BlenderThe news this weekend was not good for us sushi lovers!  Many of us going gluten free, and watching our intake (or eliminating) red meat, rely on a good sushi dinner and in particular, tuna for the protein … Continue reading

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Taking Charge of Your Health – Blood Testing without a Doctor

You do not have to rely on your doctor for blood screening for your overall health.  Many people do not have time to schedule an appointment, wait in the doctor’s office, then get a lab slip and go to the … Continue reading

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