Magnesium – the next silver bullet to fight disease

If you read my posts, you already know I’m a huge fan of Life Extension Foundation.  I can hardly wait each month when my magazine arrives, and it’s the only magazine I read cover-to-cover.  The December 2016 issue was touting a mineral nothing short of a breakthough, butI have been aware of since 2009 and before (refer to my past posts).  Studies now show a “76% risk increase in pancreatic cancer incidence in magnesium-deficient humans” and in a study involving Japanese men “found that those with the highest dietary intake of magnesium were over 50% less likely to contract colon cancer.”  (See references listed at the end of this article).

And please let me state right now, I have no monetary or other association with Life Extension Foundation, other than being a member since 2000.

In past articles from Life Extensions foundation, magnesium deficiency has been associated with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and malabsorption of calcium resulting in less than optimal bone density.  And involved with over 300 cellular functions in the body.

“Magnesium plays essential roles in regulating genome stability, cell signaling, insulin sensitivity, systemic inflammation, and DNA maintenance and repair. It is therefore not surprising that low intake of magnesium is associated with increased risk of certain cancers.” 

In the United States, you are likely not getting your requirement through diet or water due to our commercial processing, mega-farms reusing the same soil decade after decade, and the water treatment and purification process that strips many minerals from the water.  It is necessary to supplement. There was recommended doses in the article, however, I think there is a better way to gage your need.  Everyone’s body is different.  Some folks have higher weight, and the therapeutic amounts of supplements can be affected by multiple factors like weight, activity, other supplements, and diet.  What I have seen work, is a slow and steady increase starting with 100mg, and increasing by 100mg every 5 days until you reach 500mg.  If you are finding your restroom visits too frequent, back down to somewhere between 300mg and 500mg.  If you shop at Life Extension Foundation, you can purchase Extended-Release Magnesium for as little as $8.75 each (member price) and that is a very small price to pay for a mineral that increases your health and longevity

Stil unsure about deficiency?  Take a look at the Ancient Minerals article on the 10 symptoms of magnesium deficiency below.


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Dianna Sabo is an automotive and aerospace engineering/program manager who studies health science, nutrition, and organic living in her spare time. She enjoys learning natural paths to health and vitality. She lives in the greater Detroit area and enjoys photography, travel, music, and can often be seen at the local arboretums or out shooting photos around the world.
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