Time to Feed the Brain

Greetings and Happy New Year!

It will be a great 2010! The economy is bouncing back, people are becoming more aware of their planet and their desire to live a more healthy lifestyle. During my holiday break, I was able to get some very necessary research done in how our bodies can heal without medications and without traditional medicine. The book I found really interesting on the subject is by Deepak Chopra, author of over 40 books on healing, spirituality, performance and connection. The book is titled “REINVENTING THE BODY, RESURRECTING THE SOUL – How to Create a New You” and is nothing short of a breakthrough in how we treat disease.

Written in 2009, this book chronicles miracle after miracle in the treatment of cancer, heart disease, and all sorts of ailments that are dumbfounding modern medicine today. Give it a try, and if you have someone you love suffering, send a book their way!

Live well!

About Dianna Sabo

Dianna Sabo is an automotive and aerospace engineering/program manager who studies health science, nutrition, and organic living in her spare time. She enjoys learning natural paths to health and vitality. She lives in the greater Detroit area and enjoys photography, travel, music, and can often be seen at the local arboretums or out shooting photos around the world.
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