Where’s the BEEF?

Unless you’ve been hiding in a closet, you must be concerned about our current state of beef in the U.S. I am worried about the hormones, the antibiotics and all that stuff, so I’ve switched to certified organic beef whenever I am able to buy it. Of course, when we eat out, we rarely know what we are eating, so for the sake of profit I am assuming it is the cheapest, most processed version available…so I don’t worry. I know it is probably bad. I therefore, decide to eat a lot of seafood when I am out.

Meanwhile, people are getting scared to eat meat. If you listen to the teachings of one of the foremost doctors in the U.S., Dr. Barry Sears, past U.S. Olympic nutritionist, you don’t have to read far in “The Zone” to know that we are starving ourselves of protein and putting our health at great risk in the U.S.

In his book, “The Zone” I quote “For the past fifteen years, the people of this country have been unwitting participants in a massive scientific experiment. The goal of that experiment was exceptionally noble – the reduction of excess body fat in the American population. If such a goal was attainable, our healthier population would dramatically decrease the burdens on the existing health-care system, especially for an aging population….We are now fifteen years into the experiement, and one deosn’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that it isn’t working. In fact, all data analysis during the last fifteen years of this experiment shows that in spite of the fact that the American publich as dramatically cut back on the amount of fat consumed, the country has experienced an epidemic rise in obesity.”

I might add that along with that epidemic rise in obesity, along with it has come the epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and a host of other expensive and deadly diseases.

This is an excellent book to read if you have diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other conditions running in your family as a genetic pre-disposition. From conversations I’ve had with my father, in regards to the amount of protein Dr. Sears is recommending, my father stated he doubted he got his daily recommended ounces IN AN ENTIRE WEEK! Certainly, if you use Dr. Sears forumla for calculating your required protein, you might discover you don’t have any room left over for junk food, empty calories, or sugary desserts if you eat the right amount of filling protein.

For convenience, I have put a small summary of the calculations, but I recommend you read his book and understand the science behind the recommendations. For a female you need your hip measurement, your abdomen measurement, and your height to come up with your percentage of body fat. For men, you use your waist measurement and your wrist measurement. (But, you need the charts in the book to do this, or you need to look online for the calculator.)

Once you have your Total Weight, and your Total Body Fat, you subtract the Total Body Fat from the Total Weight and get your LEAN BODY MASS.

Your ideal protein intake is specific to your individual LEAN BODY MASS AND PHYSICAL-ACTIVITY FACTORS.

But, to illustrate Dr. Sears formula, a person with a lean body mass of 140 lbs, who is considered active (1 hour per day of physical activity) would use this formula: 140 x 0.8 = 112 g of protein a day.

Now, what makes up 112 grams of protein?

Dr. Sears provides a list showing 7 gram “protein blocks” and here are some examples:

1.5 oz chicken breast
1 oz lean beef
1 oz tofu

Keep in mind you need 16 servings of these protein blocks if you are 140 lbs lean body mass and active.

Of course, I can only provide a summary here, but if you are having trouble with your weight, your health, or your energy levels, you just might be missing out on the required protein on a daily basis.

So, don’t feel so guilty chowing down on that delicious steak when you have the craving! Your body just might be telling you something. Skip the potato, and have yourself a nice steak and salad….then see if you are IN THE ZONE!

Let me know if you find this helpful.


About Dianna Sabo

Dianna Sabo is an automotive and aerospace engineering/program manager who studies health science, nutrition, and organic living in her spare time. She enjoys learning natural paths to health and vitality. She lives in the greater Detroit area and enjoys photography, travel, music, and can often be seen at the local arboretums or out shooting photos around the world.
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