Today Begins the First Broadcast – Introduction to Dianna

Hello everyone out there in ‘cyberspace!’ I have been an automotive engineer for over 20 years. This has required me to become a great ‘researcher’ as we are always having issues that require us to know more…and know it now. With this passion to ‘solve the problem’ I have become aware that I have another passion; health and the natural power of vitamins and minerals.

There are a ton of sites in which information is being gathered, shared and stored. A large part of my spare time is spent on the study of health. Not traditional medicine, which has sometimes failed me miserably, but in the study of how we survived, or thrived, before ‘modern western medicine’ and what we can do to improve our health on a daily basis.

Now, through more research, I find we are a nation short on magnesium, vitamin D, B-6 and a host of other things that actually are causing our diabetes, heart disease, dementia, etc. Meanwhile, the FDA just granted the pharmaceutical companies their desire to have vitamin B6 taken away from the public and available by prescription only because they are finding a huge link between B6 and Alzheimer’s. You can find more on this at

More to come. This is my first day. Welcome to my blog!

About Dianna Sabo

Dianna Sabo is an automotive and aerospace engineering/program manager who studies health science, nutrition, and organic living in her spare time. She enjoys learning natural paths to health and vitality. She lives in the greater Detroit area and enjoys photography, travel, music, and can often be seen at the local arboretums or out shooting photos around the world.
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